Features:     The Tube is a Copolymer on base...

Heat Shrink Tab Connector


The Tube is a Copolymer on base of Polyethylen and the adhesive is EVA.
RoHS compliant.
40% faster shrinkage than Polyamide
No wire damage thanks to a lower shrinkage temperature (100°C instead of 170°C for Polyamide).
Excellent fluid resistance (Trichlorethylene, Isopropanol, Gasoline, Battery Acid, Diesel Fuel, Motor Oil, Anti-Freeze, Brake Fluid, 5% Saltwater).
Very high abrasion resistance.

35 % better strain relief than Polyamide.
100 % water tightness.
Minimum shrink temperature 100°C.
Operation temperature -55°C bis 125°C.
Schrink ratio 3:1.

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